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1. Why Islam Discourages Hoarding
This article discusses why Islam discourages hoarding and encourages spending in the way of God.

2. Islamic Chat Rooms
Islamic chat rooms are not the religious and pious places that the name suggests. Islamic chat rooms are the stomping ground of cyber soldiers from every nationality waging war in the cyber world.

3. Death Of The Honey Bee
The honey bee population is dying, this is an indication of how badly we are treating our planet. If the honey bee dies out over ninety crops will have no means of pollination.

4. Abortion Is Murder
We do not have the right to take any life, not our own or that of another human being including our unborn children.

5. Five Pillars Of Islam
A brief article on the five pillars of faith.

6. One God / One Message
Worship God alone is the commandment that binds Judaism, Christianity and Islam together, yet all three religions are corrupted by those who insist upon idolatry.

7. This World Is But Illusion
This world is an illusion, what comes next is the real thing.

8. Angels In Islam
This article takes a look at what the Quran says about angels.

9. Can Muslims Befriend People From Other Religions?
Have you been told that Muslims are only allowed to befriend other Muslims? God tells us in the Quran who to befriend and who to avoid in life.

10. God Willing / Inshallah
We must always remember to say God willing whenever we say we will do something in the future. To say God willing helps us to remember God and to acknowledge that something only happens if it is God's will.

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