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Here are the top ten articles for the Islam Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Monotheism Belief In One God
This article discusses true Monotheism which is the basis of Islam.

2. Why Islam Discourages Hoarding
This article discusses why Islam discourages hoarding and encourages spending in the way of God.

3. The Good Die Young
The age of maturity is forty. Anyone who dies before this time returns to Paradise.

4. Angels In Islam
This article takes a look at what the Quran says about angels.

5. The Significance Of The Computer In Islam
This is the first generation to be privilaged to the age of technology. The creation of the computer was foretold in the Quran, are we reaping its benefits?

6. Death Of The Honey Bee
The honey bee population is dying, this is an indication of how badly we are treating our planet. If the honey bee dies out over ninety crops will have no means of pollination.

7. God Willing / Inshallah
We must always remember to say God willing whenever we say we will do something in the future. To say God willing helps us to remember God and to acknowledge that something only happens if it is God's will.

8. From Eve To Me
Eve was the first woman, wife and mother to walk the Earth. How would you have coped with life on Earth without technology and with no one to rely but your husband?

9. Human Beings Are A Virus On Earth
While some human beings starve others live life to excess. If everyone shared a little more everyone would benefit but charity seems to be a dirty word in the twenty first century.

10. Why We Are Here On Earth
Why did God create human beings? The Quran tells us why we are here on planet earth. There is no reason to wonder why. Everything we need to know about our existence is written in the Quran.

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