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1. One God / One Message
Worship God alone is the commandment that binds Judaism, Christianity and Islam together, yet all three religions are corrupted by those who insist upon idolatry.

2. God Willing / Inshallah
We must always remember to say God willing whenever we say we will do something in the future. To say God willing helps us to remember God and to acknowledge that something only happens if it is God's will.

3. Declaration Of Faith
The first pillar of Islam is the declaration of faith which is found in the Quran. God and His angels and those with knowledge know there is no god but God.

4. Satan / The Devil / Iblis
Satan's contract with God is to take as many souls to Hell with him as he can. Are you going to Hell with Satan?

5. Can Muslims Befriend People From Other Religions?
Have you been told that Muslims are only allowed to befriend other Muslims? God tells us in the Quran who to befriend and who to avoid in life.

6. The Good Die Young
The age of maturity is forty. Anyone who dies before this time returns to Paradise.

7. Angels In Islam
This article takes a look at what the Quran says about angels.

8. Why We Are Here On Earth
Why did God create human beings? The Quran tells us why we are here on planet earth. There is no reason to wonder why. Everything we need to know about our existence is written in the Quran.

9. Ramadan The Month Of Fasting
Ramadan is the Islamic month in which every able person should fast from dawn to sunset for one Luna month.

10. Friday Congregational Prayers
Every Muslim be they male or female should attend the Friday Congregational Prayer. Why are women being excluded from this basic Islamic rite?

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